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Ala Carte Learning Solutions unique one-on-one, multi-sensory teaching method, combined with an efficient, carefully sequenced curriculum, will foster strong reading skills in learners from pre-kindergarten through high school.


Ala Carte Learning Solutions unique one-to-one teaching, combined with an efficient, carefully sequenced curriculum, fosters math proficiency in learners of all ages.


Ala Carte Learning Solutions has writing programs for students of all levels from primary elementary thru preparation for college exams.


Organization, vocabulary, retention and information processing are important basic thinking skills required of everyone.  Our comprehension program accomplishes this for your student.


Direct Instruction – The Secret to Our Success


Unlike traditional tutoring, Ala Carte Learning Solutions takes a look at the whole student and assesses where they struggle with their learning.  We then identify the missing pieces, prescribe the most effective instruction and then celebrate their success as their confidence in themselves and their learning grows.

At the heart of Ala Carte Learning Solutions is Direct Instruction – a research-proven, teaching program that is founded on the belief that ALL students CAN learn.
This program is highly interactive and places students at THEIR PRECISE SKILL LEVEL. No matter the student’s educational history, behavioral pattern, or learning preferences, this method has proven to be effective. The Direct Instruction program at Ala Carte Learning Solutions provides structured, personalized support to meet the needs of individual students in a variety of settings.


We guarantee one grade level
improvement with 30 lessons!

Appreciation from Educators and Parents alike

ALL Students can learn successfully when taught carefully!

Jennifer J.

 Parent, Nov 2023

“My 7th grade daughter struggled in school. Teachers continued to pass her to the next grade knowing she could not read at even a 1st grade level. Dr. Barnhardt and her amazing group of talented educators brought her back up to her grade level and now she is on the honor roll! What an incredible program and amazing results!”

BOE President

 Summit School District

“Dr. Barnhart is an imminently capable administrator and leader. She is energetic and committed to the needs of students.”


Student receiving academic assessment & instruction​

“My daughter has grown academically and dramatically improved her self-confidence with a few brief months with individual instruction from Ala Carte Learning Solutions.”


Student receiving academic assessment & instruction

“For my daughter, this is the perfect opportunity to strengthen her reading skills while she is not able to attend school. With this reading intervention, she can return to school well ahead of where she was when she left!”


Parent of student receiving academic instruction

“Both of my children have learned so much with the help of Dr. Vicki! I highly recommend them for any problems your child might have. Ala Carte is AMAZING!”

School Districts We Work With

The Right Academic Intervention Can Make All The Difference

weld re4 school district
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