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Reading Tutoring Programs

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Reading Intervention

Reading is not only a pleasurable leisure activity, it is an essential skill for success in almost any field. Ala Carte Learning Solutions unique one-on-one, multi-sensory teaching methods, combined with an efficient, carefully sequenced curriculum, will foster strong reading skills in learners from pre-kindergarten through high school. 


Early Literacy

Our pre-kindergarten, language development/early reading program is designed to teach young children, prior to entering kindergarten, the basic vocabulary, concepts and sentence forms used in typical classroom instruction.

Our early literacy programs are highly systematic and explicit. New content is introduced carefully and integrated with previously taught skills. We focus on oral expression that provides the building blocks of listening and reading comprehension.

Using the language of instruction (the phrases and vocabulary used by teachers in instructional settings) we focus on word knowledge, common information, concepts, sentence forms, classification, and problem solving. All skills and concepts taught are continuously integrated into more sophisticated exercises.

4-8 years old

Learning to Read

Our academic intervention for new/beginning readers is an innovative  approach for teaching reading that provides solid, systematically sequenced teaching using Direct Instruction techniques. Our lessons are briskly paced and built around systematic, explicit instruction in phonemic awareness (recognizing sounds in words) and explicit phonics (teaching sound/spelling relationships directly & systematically). Students employ strategies of incrementally increasing difficulty and exit the program with a solid foundation in fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills. This program prevents reading problems and accelerates the skills of students already showing average or above average performance.

Our intervention program is typically used with young students who display basic entry skills such as letter names and recognition. We teach each student individually (one-to-one) thus allowing for optimal chances for practice and teacher monitoring. This highly effective program collapses two years of instruction into one.

9+ years old

Corrective Reading Intervention

We deliver the extra support struggling readers need using research-based, Direct Instruction. This comprehensive intervention program: 

  • Acts as a scaffold for good teaching behaviors
  • Provides a well-organized scope and sequence
  • Has coordinated and aligned practice materials and activities
  • Includes assessment to help with proper placement and moving through instruction

As with all Direct Instruction, effective instructional principles are embedded in the program’s content so that:

  • Skills and strategies are presented explicitly
  • Complex tasks are analyzed and broken down in component parts.
  • Each part is taught in a logical progression
  • Brief, frequent practice is provided to ensure mastery of each of the processes and skills
  • Materials are organized to provide cumulative review of skills

The amount of new information is controlled and connected to prior learning routines:

  • Direct teaching
  • Guided and independent practice and application with corrective feedback
  • Constant interactions between teacher and student
  • Constant interactions minimize student distractions
  • Pacing is continually monitored during lessons
  • Continual practice and review are done throughout each lesson

Parent Testimonials

2022 – After the school year ended for our son he was quickly forgetting how to read the words he learned during the school year and it was then we realized he hadn’t truly learned to read those words but rather memorized them. We didn’t want to go a whole summer without working on this area with him so we sought help from A La Carte. During his first assessment he tested a grade level behind. After his first 30 sessions which took us about 2.5 months to get through he is pretty much caught up to his current grade level. He has shared with me that this school year is “way easier than last year”. Because of this his confidence has boosted in all areas in school and at home. We are really happy with the results so far and look forward to seeing even more progress in the near future. Thank you A La carte staff and tutors!

Naomi R.