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Invest in your child’s education. We offer flexible payment plans, in-person & online learning as well as provide flexible schedules to fit most families.  Please contact us for further information.


We guarantee that each student performing one year or more below grade level in reading or math and performs above the 25th percentile on the PPVT will progress at least one grade level with 30 lessons of one-to-one instruction in the chosen subject. Our programs include 30 lessons in a 3-month period followed by a re-assessment to show your child’s growth and improvement.

Can Your Child Read at Grade Level?


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  • IEP's
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Ala Carte Learning Solutions, Inc. is a public benefit corporation that improves learning through academic intervention. We believe all students can learn successfully when taught carefully. We take the time to teach each of our students at their skill level. Our continual program of Mastery Testing ensures the improvement of skills, ONE STUDENT AT A TIME!

1. We start with an academic assessment to uncover where your child struggles.

During our academic assessment, we evaluate reading (both decoding and comprehension), spelling and math with a nationally norm-referenced, standardized achievement test. We also administer a receptive language assessment, the PPVT. These instruments have been widely used in educational institutions for over 50 years and are known as both highly reliable and valid instruments.

2. Our team then creates a custom plan to guarantee your child’s success.

At the heart of our program is the Direct Instruction curriculum, a systematic, research-proven, multi-sensory teaching methodology that is founded on the belief that ALL children can learn successfully when taught carefully. We recommend a specific program that places your learner at the precise point indicated by our academic assessment.

3. Then its time to schedule your child’s one-on-one instruction.

Our programs include 30 lessons of one-on-one instruction over a course of 3 months. We offer time slots after school to accommodate most family schedules. At the end of the 30 lessons, we measure your child’s progress using a different version of the original assessment.

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a public benefit corporation

What is Direct Instruction
and why does it work

Direct Instruction (DI) is a model for teaching that emphasizes well-developed and carefully planned lessons, designed around small learning increments. These lessons are clearly defined and prescribed teaching tasks. It is based on the theory that clear instruction, eliminating misinterpretations, can greatly improve and ACCELERATE LEARNING.
A recent Meta-Analysis in the Review of Educational Research documents a half-century of “strong positive results” using Direct Instruction. These efforts are praised by Robert Pondisco, Head of Educational Policy and Governance at the Harvard University School of Business. The 50+ years of success with Direct Instruction coincides with the results seen by Ala Carte Learning Solutions.
Ala Carte Learning Solutions, Inc. uses the same research-proven curriculum that leads to the success this study observed over the past fifty years.

It is this consistent record of academic achievement and improved self-esteem we see in all of our learners that inspires our team.

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