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kindergarten reading

Beeee Ready for Kindergarten

Join us this summer for our Reading Readiness programs! Shorter sessions designed for little learners; 25-30 minutes of instruction.

spring tutoring special

Spring Special

March 2024 – Start on your path to success! Start with 10 lessons and see how far we can take your child in reading or math! Contact Us Today to sign up.

academic assessment

FREE Assessment in Windsor ValPak

Sept/Oct 2023 – Claim your FREE Academic Assessment and 50% off your 1st Lesson with our coupons from your local ValPak. Coupon Expires 10/13/2023. New Clients Only.

Women of Windsor | My Windsor

May 2023 – Dr. Margo Walsh Barnhart describes herself as a life-long learner. Learning is her favorite pastime. She has dedicated her professional career to education. “Dr. B.”, as her students call her, is currently the CEO of Ala Carte Learning Solutions, Inc., a public benefit corporation, she founded in 2015 when she retired as…
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Why US Schools are still facing BIG problems

Alia Wong Kayla Jimenez, USA TODAY, Published 3:01 AM MDT Jun. 12, 2023 Updated 6:34 AM MDT Jun. 15, 2023 What the reporters observed and data confirms: Kids are missing more class time than before the pandemic because parents’ attitudes about school have changed. Educators encountered students who are severely behind in reading and math yet can hardly sit still after three…
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Read up on the latest Direct Instruction News

When implemented fully, Direct Instruction (DI) is unparalleled in its ability to improve student performance and enhance students’ self-esteem.

Benefits of Direct Instruction: Affirmative Action for At-Risk Students

September 1, 1999 At-risk students often begin school academically behind. But the highly structured setting of the Direct Instruction approach can help these children catch up.

Meta-Analysis Confirms Effectiveness of an Old School Approach: Direct Instruction

This post originally appeared in Flypaper. Last updated February 8, 2018 Did you hear the one about a curriculum with fifty years of research that actually demonstrates its effectiveness? There’s a new meta-analysis in the peer-reviewed journal the Review of Educational Research that looks at over five hundred articles, dissertations, and research studies and documents a half-century of “strong positive…
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